Japanese craft arts have been uniquely developed as world class by Japanese sensitivity nurtured by rich nature under four seasons.


Craft arts are produced by mixture and combination of minds, hands, and materials... For our emotional support amid this rapidly changing modern consumer society, there is a growing demand of more prosperous development of craft beauty that is rooted in human's natural act of "creation."


Kougeibijyutsu Nikkoukai is an association consisting of craft artists who share the pleasure of creation, respect free minds of each artist, and purse valuable formative activities.


This association wishes to contribute to development of Japanese culture even a little, enriching minds of modern people and pursuing higher creation ahead of time.


Kougeibijyutsu Nikkoukai is also a group of craft artists who intend to contribute to development of Japanese craft arts and advancement of our culture, respecting freedom of each craft artist and creating high quality crafts corresponding to ages through unique creation activities.


Also this association will expand awareness of excellent Japanese craft arts domestically and internationally, enhance the value of Japanese craft arts, and create the culture.